The 40+ Modern Arabic Literary Works Published in English Translation in 2014



This is the beginnings of a list of the Arabic literary works published in English translation in 2014. Please add what’s slipped my mind below:

Novels (31)

Arch-and-the-Butterfly-Temple Bar, by Bahaa Abdelmeguid, trans. Jonathan Wright (AUC Press)

The Arch and the Butterfly, Mohammed Achaari, trans. Aida Bamia (BQFP) (Review)

The Maze of the Last One: A novel about the last Jewish family in Iraq, by Mohammad al-Ahmed, trans. Christopher Marrs (Dar Safi)

Blue Lorries, Radwa Ashour, trans. Barbara Romaine (BQFP)

The Woman from Tantoura, Radwa Ashour, trans. Kay Heikkinen (AUC Press)

Rain over Baghdad, by Hala El Badry, trans. Farouk Abdel Wahab (AUC Press)

The Corpse Exhibition, Hassan Blasim, trans. Jonathan Wright. (Penguin) (Interview)

Chewing Gum, by Mansour Bushnaf (Darf Publishers)

Who’s Afraid of Meryl Streep?, by Rashid al-Daif, trans. Paula Haydar (University of Texas Press)

june_rainPenguin’s Song, Hassan Daoud, trans…

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Moving Mondays: Embrace the Magic


Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg

This time of year is filled with holiday movies, songs, stories, and celebrations. We turn on our TVs and we see commercials with families coming together to share a meal or the joy of a child when he receives a present from Santa Claus. But what’s our reaction to these things? Do we roll our eyes at a brazen attempt to manipulate our emotions or do we embrace the message? Sometimes one of the most difficult things to do as adults is to let go of our cynicism. With the many responsibilities and worries we may face, feeling lighthearted and carefree takes a conscious decision and effort on our part.

This holiday season, what would happen if you chose to embrace the magic and embrace what you may have dismissed as too unrealistic or cheesy? We have the power through our thoughts and through our choices to make this time of year…

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